Monday, March 24, 2008

Japanese Maple

My Winter Garden has a new tree! This Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum "Pixie") was a gift from my mother.

I am becoming a fan of small trees. After living in a house surrounded by huge poplars and oaks, I've enjoyed being able to plant enormous beds of sun-loving plants in this yard. Every time I think about planting a big tree, I realize that eventually it's going to shade an area that I don't want shaded. (Of course, I'll be 90 by then...but anyway...)


Lisa at Greenbow said...

That Mother sure was generous or was it really the Easter Bunny? Come on you can tell us you still believe.

Iris said...

Excellent gift! We put in that same tree last fall and are eagerly awaiting its leaves. Small trees are fantastic, and if they fall over, you know they probably won't cave in your roof or anything.

Mary said...

We have always loved Japanese maples and have planted one every time we moved. But I'm still waiting for one here in NC!

That's a wonderful gift.

Catherine said...

A wonderful gift from your mother, its going to be a beautiful tree!
And I am still looking forward to pic's this summer of your new perinnial post below! :D
Have a great weekend!
Happy Spring!

Layanee said...

I love the small maples. Don't forget to post a picture when it leafs out! Love the shape of your new bed. So much room and so many perennials to choose from.

Christine said...

I love the new addition. I can't wait to see a picture after it leafs out.

Mad Man Bamboo said...

Japanese Maples, gotta love them, I grew seedlings via my nursery business for several years, finicky little suckers but quite satisfying come spring and fall. Beautiful plants!