Friday, January 25, 2008


Back during the summer, when temperatures were running 20 degrees above normal for, like 6 months, I began looking ahead to a warm winter. I checked the average temperatures for January and calculated that while there might be an occasional evening when I'd want a light jacket to ward off the chill, I'd pretty much spend the winter in shirtsleeves, planting bananas, mangoes, and palms in my garden.

This has not happened. I think we've had about 7 nights below 20, including last Monday when it was 14. I walked outside the other day and the ground was frozen! I felt like I was living in Siberia or Indiana or somewhere like that. It snowed twice last week--only an inch both times--but the snow was pretty on the nandina berries.

I spent the snowy and frigid weekend painting our bedroom and replacing all the electrical outlets. That's the one home repair that I actually know how to do, and it sounds impressive, at least to the three people in the world who know less about fixing stuff than me. All you have to do is turn off the power before you start, and remember that the black wire is the hot wire...or is it the white one?

Hey Teresa, would you plug something into that outlet for me and see if it works?


Carol said...

Indiana and Siberia in the same sentence? Well, it was only 1 degree when I left for work this morning. Brrrrrr....

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

David in Greensboro, NC said...

I put that line in there just for you, Carol. One degree? I would just have to move.

Katie said...

Since when does it snow in NC? I always thought you were warmer than that. I can't imagine 1 degree. I agree David, I'd have to move. :0)

Katie at GardenPunks

Carolyn gail said...

That is impressive, David, that you painted and did electrical work. More so if you had to pay someone to do it. You've saved a bundle that you can spend on plants and quit soliciting others to pay for your obsession.

One degree down there? That's the usual in January and February here in Chicago, which is why I'm moving, temporarily, to Florida !

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yes, this winter it has felt like Siberia here in IN with several days and nights with "feels like MINUS" degrees.

Annie in Austin said...

Is having the ground frozen unusual there, David? Did you jab a trowel in the ground to see how deep the frost has gone?

Having some time for inside projects isn't a bad thing!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Mary said...

Yep, cold in NC. 16 degrees two mornings ago. Siberia.

Did Teresa check that outlet? LOL!

Iris said...

It IS cold here. I've been forced to buy fingerless cashmere gloves to wear while I work. My hands become useless mitts of ice in these frigid temps otherwise. Brrr!

The good news is that my crocuses are coming up. There's a light at the end of the tunnel!

Diana said...

Ah -- we suffer from the same home repair-itis at our house! Luckily, my Dad can fix anything and is happy to come right over and do it. We've had cold weather here (not below 20!) but it got up to 70 this weekend here in Austin. You should come take a break here for our Spring Fling in a few months when it will likely be 80 or so!

karen said...

Welcome to global warming and all the weather extremes that that entails. In Savannah we have had 13 serious frosts this year for the first time in 25 years. (We usually get 6.) I, too, am fed up with the cold since I generally spend the winter in shirtsleeves in the garden.

woolnweeds said...

Wow - it seems you are getting over frost and snow - we haven't had any to speak of yet - and I'm in Scandinavia!
BTW - I love reading your blog, I just found it today and am looking forward to read more.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

It sounds pretty cold David, what a disappointment that must have been after that hot summer.

David?, David? oh bummer his pc isn't working as he has fried all the wires. :-) I hope you're better with a paint brush!

Jen said...

Nice blog keep up the good work!

Kathey said...

Since I live in the NC mountains your site should be very helpful. Your humor will also make me an avid reader. Thanks for all the fun and tips.

David in Greensboro, NC said...

Actually, Katie, we average about 6-8 inches of snow a year, although this is the first we've had since 2004. This is actually a normal winter for us as far as temps.

I'd have to stay in Florida, Carolyn!
You know I'm too cheap to pay a painter!

The thermometer goes below zero, Lisa???

I think it was just the surface--probably not real deep. It never stays cold for long here--supposed to be back in the 60s next week, Annie.

Teresa was at her parents' house, Mary. She always seems to be out of town when I'm doing electrical work...hmmm...

Crocuses, yay! I want some of those. They are some of my favorite spring flowers, Iris.

I need to come to Austin, Diana--that seems to be a hotbed of garden bloggers.

That IS cold for Savannah, Karen.

Ha, Ha outlets are wor*%kin# fine th%$ank y0u ver^^^y much...Yolanda? Yolanda?

Thanks woolnweeds, and welcome! Hope you'll come back!

Thanks, Jen!

Thanks Kathey, and welcome. I have a lot of advice about how to avoid actual work!

Connie said...

Lovely photo! I was surprised to hear your ground was frozen. That can seriously interfere with your 'digging' habit, no? :-) Still buried here under a blanket of snow, with more in the forecast.