Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Not-Completely Crappy Day

I was having a really crappy day today. I spent the morning crawling around under the house trying to find the source of a water leak...and found a second leak. I hate it when things break on the house, because I can't fix a damn thing. Even if by some miracle I can fix it, the job ends up taking me three times as long as it should because I don't know what I'm doing.

Well, in the middle of all this, my phone rang.

Remember my post back in November, the 8 Random Things About Me? Remember that photo of me and another guy at the Carolina game with our faces painted blue and white? Well, the other guy, whose name is also David, was one of my best friends in college, but as often happens, we lost touch after graduation and hadn't seen or heard from each other in almost twenty years. Until today. He made a New Year's Resolution to get back in touch with all of our old friends from college. Now how cool is that?

Then, while I was at the hardware store, the Hellebore Queen called me to say that a nursery near Raleigh had their Japanese Maples marked down from $100-$150 to only $50, and that she would get me one if I wanted it. (I hope they still have them, now that I've gotten my hopes up.)

When I got home, I actually accomplished something by successfully replacing our old shower heads with water-saving models (1.8 gallons a minute, the box says) so I can help save a little of our dwindling water supply. (The leaks, by the way, seem to be oversplash from the tub and overflow from the washer drain, so at least it's not water being's rotting the wood and growing mold, but not wasting water.)

And finally, my Tar Heels beat NC State. Turned out to not be a completely crappy day.


Carol said...

Sounds like a nice day, full of good surprises. Not crappy at all. And, hey, it's Saturday so didn't you have the day off? How could a day off be bad? Here the sun was shining all day. Yes, it was only in the 30's, but the sun was shining all day. We'll take it!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Benjamin Vogt said...

Late this summer I got a bloodgood (I think) from Home Depot (yikes!) here in Nebraska. Don't know for sure if it's a Bloodgood, my best guess since it came from HD with a generic tag. Anywho, I happened to be there the day the regional nursery manager was there and we talked; he said they couldn't get rid of the maples due to the late freeze and people scared to buy replacements, and so he had just, minutes before, knocked them down to $60, so I got one. Hurray for discount maples!

carla said...

YOUR Tarheels beat MY alum. Wolfpack by 31 points. Imagine what kind of day _I_ had! Fortunately, I was at a plant propagation class and so I missed the miserable spectacle. But to make up for it, MY Packers later routed the Seahawks and have the opportunity to be crushed by Dallas (likely) next week. OR they can beat Dallas (or, less likely, the Giants) and then get squashed by the Patriots in the Superbowl. Or they could win the whole shebang and you'd hear me yelling and hooting all the way from Raleigh. But more importantly, yesterday I got to play with plants!
PS: Don't ask my husband about the time I decided to replace the faucet in the bathroom sink on my own. He spent the whole next day trying to clean up my mess.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Sounds like we are feeling a bit sorry for ourselves. Hmmmm After having such a nice surprise visit from the other David you should be jubilant. Buck up there David. Now if you want something to reallly whine about. My Colts just played the worst game of the season and lost. So I have to wash my jersey and wait until next year to wear it and just hope that my favorite player (Marvin) isn't traded or permanently injured and let go or even the washing of the jersey will be wasted effort. Sigh ~~ How's that for a whine??? And not only that but my daffodils are up a half inch as the snow showers descend. WHINE

David in Greensboro, NC said...

You're right, Carol. Of course, beating State wasn't really a surprise (hee hee!)

Nice score, Benjamin. It's all about being in the right place at the right time!

Glad you enjoyed the propogation class Carla. I hoped you weren't one of those red-clad fans in the front row of the Smith Center that Roy Williams was so mad about. Hey, your blog looks great!

Awww, Lisa...I guess I can't complain too much, can I?

Gina said...

david - im glad to see that you and your blue faced friend have been reunited at last!

Katie said...

Kudos to you on switching the showerheads. See! You're useful!

Katie at GardenPunks

Jen said...


can you tell me the nursery where the japanese maples are?? *puppy eyes*

David in Greensboro, NC said...

Thanks, Gina. That made my weekend.

Just don't ask me to come and rewire your house or anything like that, Katie!

Jen, I think my mom said it was called "Four Seasons." Not sure where it is, but it's near Raleigh. They are closing for the winter, so better get there soon. Good luck!

Jen said...


Mary said...

You never fail to make me laugh. I'm glad your old college friend and the prospect of an inexpensive Japanese Maple saved you from water leaks...

It was not a crappy day :o)