Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rainy Sunday

It rained all day today, a good soaking rain. The last two weeks have been kind to us, for we have seen about 3.5" of rain over that period, usually coming about a half inch at a time. Today we received about 1.25".

I'm really glad to see it because I said last summer that I wasn't planting a single new plant this fall, as I had my hands full watering what I already had. As it happened, I did plant just a few new things: (In my defense, several of these were given to me and it would have been bad manners not to accept them.)

3 Wax Myrtles
4 Barberries
15 Coneflowers
6 Viburnums
3 Chokecherries
3 Wiegela
2 Foamflowers
1 Daphne
2 Fothergilla
4 Roses
1 Holly
1 Hydrangea
2 Butterfly Bushes
9 Sweet Autumn Clematis
3 Balloon Flowers
2 Pincushion Flowers
1 Crape Myrtle

Christine suggested in a recent comment that perhaps buying more plants might subdue the urge to dig things up and move them around. I'm afraid not. After buying all of the above, I moved:

2 Forsythia
2 Hydrangeas
1 Koreanspice Viburnum
1 Arborvitae
1 Camellia
1 David Viburnum
1 Quince
2 Japanese Hollies
2 Tea Olives
1 Gardenia
2 Lantana
6-8 Spirea
1 Mock Orange
1 Wax Myrtle (yes, one of the new ones)
Hundreds of Daylilies
Dozens of Irises, Asters, and Coreopsis
Several Salvias and Liriope
1 Agastache

And mind you, this is just since September.
And it doesn't include Teresa's Charleston Garden, which is her responsibility.
And I've probably forgotten something.

You know, I didn't realize until I typed this exactly how much digging I did this year. You would think I didn't have a life...(That's my wife you hear in the background, mumbling something about shoes fitting.)

Anyway, I hope it rains all winter and spring so all these plants can establish good, healthy roots!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Whew David. I am plum worn out just reading your lists. Sounds like you will be busy just watching things grow this coming year. I too hope you aren't just in a twist of hoses this coming summer. Best Wishes for the New Year.

Connie said...

So happy you are getting some much needed rain. We are getting our moisture in the form of snow, which melts and then it snows again and melts, etc. Will take it any way we can get it!
You have a great collection of plants...look forward to seeing some photos of them next year.
Happy New Year and good gardening in 2008!

Christine said...

And I was feeling rather proud of myself for setting so much brick today. Reading what you planted makes me feel like I didn't do anything. Wow.

Mary said...

You are a very busy man.

And, isn't it wonderful to have rain?!!! We've had as many inches - some real soakers. They predict January to be dry but I'm being optimistic.

Happy New Year, David!

Gloria said...

I thought of you and all the planting you have been doing when I saw that your area was getting rain.
The garden is looking good. What a wildlife haven you are growing right in your own backyard.