Tuesday, October 2, 2007

If It's Still Summer, I'll Keep Rooting Stuff

The weather has turned cooler..."cooler" being a relative term. Temperatures have been in the 80s, which is normal for August but not October, but at least you can go outside and do some work without "the monkey" getting you. (Do people outside the South say that, or is it just one of our colloquialisms?)

A while back, I tried to root some cuttings from my white hydrangea, something I've never been successful with before. Two of them did develop roots, so I transplanted them into some potting soil today.

Since winter shows no signs of arriving anytime soon, I took some cuttings of a Silver King Euonymus, which is easy to root, dusted them with the magic rooting powder, and set them in pots. Just for fun, I also took a piece of my Koreanspice Viburnum, another plant that has survived the drought admirably, to see if I could root it. At least with these, if water restrictions get too severe, I can fill up a coffee cup at the sink and keep them hydrated!

Remember the weigela I rooted over the summer? Check it out!

I also put up Teresa's iron fence for her "Charleston Garden." She named it that because it will be very narrow, like the gardens between the houses along the Battery in Charleston (where, as the natives say, "the Ashley and Cooper Rivers merge to form the Atlantic...")

The fence came from Lowe's, and was relatively easy to put up. The hardest part was pounding the base stakes into the clay. I loosened up the soil with a mattock before I started, but that only took care of the top layer. Yes, it is a little crooked, but you know what? Once we have some clematis growing up it, and flowering perennials stuffed in that 12 inch strip of dirt, you'll never be able to tell. Besides, all those houses in Charleston, their fences are crooked too. I call it "character."


Connie said...

I am impressed with your cuttings...that's something I hope to do more of. I made cuttings from my expensive ornamental Kent Beauty Oregano plant this year and was quite proud of myself. :-)
Love the fence, character and all!

David in Greensboro, NC said...

Thanks, Connie. I'd like to do more cuttings too--Right now, it's just something I do when the mood strikes me, but it's a good way to get extra plants....especially expensive ones!

LostRoses said...

Your fence looks great and you're right about the vines covering up any inconsistencies and adding "character".

As for rooting cuttings, I'll leave that to the more energetic gardeners, like you!

Catherine said...

It's great taking cuttings, and making more plants~free plants..:)
When you have time come and visit, I have passed an award on to you..
Enjoy your week!