Thursday, October 18, 2007

Where Have I Been?

Ever since Gina wrote that poem about obsessively checking her favorite blogs to see if they've been updated, I've always tried to write at least twice a week, lest I get an email from her asking me why I've not supplied her with reading material. Actually, I have a good excuse for the"drought" of postings here at LMAID. Two, actually.

First, of course, is the Drought, and my statistics regarding same, which I know you are tired of hearing about (35 consecutive rainless days...1 day of rain in the last 51 days) and the heat (83 degrees today).'s all Bill's fault. Bill is the co-owner of the Wild Birds Unlimited store where I work one afternoon a week, and a heck of a nice guy. Well, a few weeks ago, he went in for a heart stress test, and was told that he was staying right there until they did quintuple bypass surgery. Since he and his wife, Barbara are the only full-time people at the store, their absence has left just a few holes in the schedule, which the rest of us have been filling. (The fact that everyone has been so willing to pitch in and help tells you what kind of employers Bill and Barbara are...Fezziwiggian is the best adjective I can come up with. Re-read Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol for the origin of that word.)

Anyway, between teaching my classes, tutoring, and selling birdseed, the blog has been left to fend for itself of late. I have tried to keep up with my Greensboro Daily Photo blog, but longtime readers of LMAID will notice that I've recycled a few bird photos in order to fulfill my daily quota there. Many of you have visited and commented on one or both blogs; I really appreciate it, and apologize for not responding to comments more quickly...and Gina, for torturing you with the same post for days on end!

Rain is in the forecast, and the Hellebore Queen is in town, and so we plan to visit Gethsemane Gardens nursery tomorrow, which I've never been to, so hopefully I'll have lots of things to write about, as well as lots of photos of rain. If you pray, please pray for lots of rain for us in NC tonight and tomorrow, as well as for Bill as he recovers from his surgery! (And for Barbara, as she has to put up with Bill...)


Gina said...

hey david! i was so tickled when I read your blog today because it was so similar to what I'd planned to blog about myself.

i think some of your readers accidently prayed for rain in chicago instead of NC - it's been raining like crazy here!

Connie said...

...Praying for rain and your friend Bill and his wife!!

Mary said...

Since I'm late, congratulations on your 3/4 inch of rain! Don't worry about posting - we all get too busy and overwhelmed sometimes and you have a lot on your plate.

I hope your WBU friend is on the mend and doing well.

LostRoses said...

David, if I don't see new posts on some of my favorite garden blogs, I always figure they're busy, just like me. Ya know we're here waiting to read whatever you find time to write!