Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fall Colors

The goldfinches are beginning their fall molt, when they lose the bright yellow feathers they've worn all summer, and get a new coat of muted brown.

My Autumn Blaze maple that I planted two autumns ago, is getting its fall colors too.

As are the dogwoods.

It's nice to see another color besides brown in the yard. Tomorrow will be our 30th consecutive day with no rain, and temperatures will be back in the 80s this week, 10-12 degrees higher than where they should be. I am so tired of spending every spare minute watering; I now understand people who buy condos because they don't want to deal with a yard. If Teresa would let me, I'd move downtown and do all my gardening in containers on the balcony.


Mary said...

David, we are a little behind you with the fall color but it's coming. I've noticed many trees dropped leaves before they turn color. The ground is rock hard.

We had a cool spell late last week, as I am sure you did. The highs will be around 80 this week. No rain in sight for a week, and that's a wishful forecast!

Great photos! I love that goldfinch.

Connie said...

I didn't know that about finches, so I learned something new today. :-)
Beautiful photos of your colorful leaves!

David in Greensboro, NC said...

Thanks Mary. The goldfinch was fearless. I got within 5 feet of him to take that photo. Our leaves just started to turn around the end of last week. Hope you get some rain this week!

Thanks Connie. If you have goldfinches, look for them this winter.

Mary T said...

Funny the comment about moving downtown.. I have felt that sometimes too. Just give me a porch and some pots. ;)

I've noticed the finches are getting their drab on too. And my maple tree is also getting bright red, wonder if it is the same variety- its the landlords new planting. It had a nice bit of color in spring too, with the little flowers and the seeds and then the baby leaves.
mary t

No Rain said...

Beautiful fall photos. I enjoy reading your interesting blog.

Catherine said...

Not much fall color here, mostly dried,crunchy, brown leave's falling! I didn't know Finches lost their bright yellow feathers in the fall and get a new coat of brown feather's...nice to alway's learn something new when visiting here..:) Great shot! And your leaf shot is beautiful also!
Still have my finger's crossed for rain, ~doesn't seem to be working anymore..:(
But still hoping, we sure need it,rain is in the forcast so just maybe..
great post!

David in Greensboro, NC said...

Mary T--Might be the same maple. Autumn Blaze is a popular variety, and it won some kind of award for being a superstar tree. They are pretty. Thanks for visiting!

Thanks Aiyana. I think fall is my favorite season.

Thanks Catherine. Yep, the goldfinches get much duller than that photo--they look like sparrows in winter.