Monday, September 10, 2007

A New Butterfly

A new butterfly has appeared in my garden. I think it is a Pearl Crescent, but possibly a Silvery Checkerspot. (Robin, who blogs from central Indiana, posted a similar one today.)

Here he is savoring a coral verbena. Teresa had it in a pot last summer (the verbena, not the butterfly); we planted it and it survived both the 14 degree cold and the summer drought. Not spectacularly, but it survived. For some reason, it looks better now than it has since May. Perhaps it knows something I don't.

The butterfly also approves of the asters!
95 degrees today in Greensboro, in case you're wondering. Will it ever end?


JANET said...

Hi David, I found your blog through Robin's. I enjoy all the butterfly photos. BTW, I am originally from Greensboro, Alabama, and blog about the catfish there.

David in Greensboro, NC said...

Hi Janet-Thanks for visiting. I enjoyed your Selma, Alabama Daily Photo. I wasn't familiar with the Daily Photo webring; what a cool idea!

Connie said...

Great photos of a lovely butterfly!
We are still having weather in the 90's, as glad the nights are getting cooler. Fall is welcome!

Mary said...

David, Charlotte had 97 on Monday. Today the high will be around 88. Rain is forecasted tomorrow. I'll believe it when I see it. I hope it comes your way!

Ruth Welter said...

Hi David, you have posted some beautiful butterfly photos...just lovely. I was noticing on a post below that you were talking about your dry summer. I've had the same thing here in NY has been terrible, I'm out to water constantly. I actually have gotten thrilled this summer, the days we did have rain, we so needed it.

Q said...

Hi David,
I am catching up after being on Holiday. Pearl Crescent is beautiful! She is a small butterfly too and posed for you!
Cool down is coming your rain and I hope rain.

David in Greensboro, NC said...

Thanks, Connie. The cool nights give us hope for fall. I can't wait till I can wear a jacket!

You too, Mary. You'll probably get it before me, since you're near Charlotte. Don't use it all up!

Hi Ruth, and welcome. I know what you mean. Rain is forecast for tomorrow and I'm looking forward to that as if it were a snowstorm. (Just to clarify, in the South, snowstorms are fun!)

Welcome back, Q. I though of you when I was taking this photo.