Monday, August 13, 2007

Three Birds

A Brown Thrasher eyes me warily from his perch in a tree...While his distant cousin, the Gray Catbird feasts on suet nuggets at the feeder. His cry, usually heard in the evening, really does sound like a cat. Notice the rust-colored patch beneath his tail.
A young Red-Bellied Woodpecker lurks in the dogwood tree. He takes seed from the feeder and hides it in the crevices of the bark.


Layanee said...

David: Thank you for coming to visit 'Ledge'! I love these bird shots! Again, great job. I have yet to edit any photos but I will have to start tying it. It is very effective!

Mary said...

Great shots, David. I have adult red-bellies but they aren't regulars. I'm having starlings arrive again and a flock of PIGEONS! They mess up the harmony out there. Brown thrashers come and go here. Do you make your own suet?

I wonder what pigeons find on the ground. I only serve black oil sunflower and thistle for the goldfinches. Do you know much about pigeons? There are about 20 that fly in and out. I'm thinking of sending my dogs on an errand...

David in Greensboro, NC said...

Thanks, Mary. The only place I see a lot of pigeons is downtown--never in my yard. I guess they are eating seed that gets kicked out of the feeder. Kind of odd to see them away from the city. Maybe a hawk will come help you with the pigeons--I have one that catches doves from time to time.

I sometimes make my own suet, but what I've got in the feeder now is a seed blend that includes suet nuggets (No Mess Harvest Blend from Wild Birds Unlimited.)

Thanks for visiting!

David in Greensboro, NC said...

Thanks Layanee,

It really is amazing how different an image is if you just crop it very tightly. Get to work, and let us see your photo-editing (: