Monday, August 20, 2007

Northern Flicker

I've been chasing this Flicker around for days, trying to get a good picture. There are two varieties of Flickers; the ones in the Eastern US are the "Yellow-Shafted" variety. (See the yellow feathers near the tail?)

Flickers are the only woodpeckers that feed primarily on the ground.

This one is a male; the female lacks the black "mustache" near the bill.


LostRoses said...

Good shot, David. I think they're particularly hard to photograph because from the back they match the tree trunks they're usually perched on. We have the red-shafted here. A family of five goes through a suet cake a day in my backyard, but what a delight to watch them!

Mary said...

Lucky you! A life bird for me...

We're losing a lot, too, David. A japanese willow, two mandevillas we just planted a few weeks ago, and various other young flowers... I'll replace them eventually.

Layanee said...

I think you won the chase! Nice job on the photos. They must be fast, just a 'flicker'. I chase dragonflies and butterflies and they are camera shy also.

David in Greensboro, NC said...

They never come to my suet feeder, lostroses. What a treat!

Good luck, Mary. Wish those Chicago bloggers would send us some of that rain.

Layanee--It helps to have a zoom lens. This guy is skittish.