Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Bluebirds are House-Shopping

The bluebirds are checking out our nest box again. Remember the mayhem that ensued the last time they tried to nest here? I hope they have better luck this time. This male is much more aggressive; not only has he been skirmishing with those malicious house sparrows, this afternoon he dive-bombed a blue jay and a robin, both of whom were minding their own business. The female watched with approval. (If she's going to be in the box caring for three to five helpless babies, she needs a guy who'll chase away any interlopers!)

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Iris said...

Your bluebirds may have better luck this late in their breeding season since there's less competition for the box. Most local bluebirds have already fledged their young or will soon, as have many cavity nest competitors (house wrens, house sparrows, brown-headed nuthatches, chickadees, etc.). Good luck!