Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rooting Camellias

Back in March, I was at my grandfather's house in South Carolina and saw that he had a camellia with red-and white blooms. I took a few cuttings to try to root (I've never had success rooting camellias) but so far these two are still alive. The one on the right even has a couple of new leaves! Of course I don't know where I'll plant them since most of my yard bakes in full sun, but I love rooting things and seeing what I can grow.

I always feel nervous when I read those warnings on plant tags forbidding "unauthorized reproduction" of the plants. Sort of the same feeling you get when you rip the tag off a mattress. I have such a low success rate rooting anything, though, that the plant cops would be wasting their time kicking down my garden gate.

So if these camellias survive and grow tall, I'll post another picture of me standing beside them...with my walking cane and "old man" hat! Just before the cops haul me downtown...

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