Monday, April 30, 2007

Teresa's Container Gardening

The weekend was devoted to Teresa's containers. Her gift is gardening in small spaces. I need a third of an acre, with sprawling beds, eight-foot wide borders, and sweeping curves, or I feel like it's not worth the effort, but Teresa can focus on one planter and arrange plants in a way that really is artistic.

When we lived in Edenton, our only "garden" was a screened porch and outdoor staircase. Teresa went out and bought a whole collection of annuals to dress it up. One of them was this asparagus fern, which is coming back after its third winter. It lives on the deck in a big copper tub with absolutely no drainage. It gets HUGE!

Our deck bakes in the summer sun. Most things we've planted there are either dead or on life-support by August, but last year we had great success with...something purple that the hummingbirds loved. Did I record the name of this marvelous annual? Yes. Can I find where I wrote it? Of course not. This Angelonia (Summer Snapdragon)looks a lot like it, so based on that unflappable logic, we are giving it a try this year.

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