Sunday, November 16, 2008

Now Open at Our New Location

Leave Me Alone, I'm Digging is now up at a new location. Click here to keep updated on what's going on in my garden. The site is still under construction, so look for new additions in coming weeks.


Pat Northington said...

I am looking forward to your new blog. I am a new garden blogger in Texas (, but I have an interest in NC gardens. I helped my dad's wife revamp a small perennial garden in Raleigh early in the summer (See "A New Garden" in the June Archives). I'm always looking for recommendations for her rather shaded garden. Keep up the great work!

Sophie Marie said...

My Mom is a gardner from El Paso, Texas via Austin, Texas. We now live in Colorado Springs, CO and boy she has really become adept at planting in clay. Good thing I have a dog run or the back yard where she gardens would be a mess.

Anonymous said...

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Elegant Ground Water Features said...

Not much of a gardener but trying to build a veggie garden of my own :) We had our old garden landscaped with water features but after a few years, I decided to convert it into something better.