Sunday, April 27, 2008

Product Review: Timberwolf Composite Edging

Which is the most baldfaced lie?

A) I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.

B) Iraq is producing weapons of mass destruction

C) Easy to install!

I bought some edging materials today for Teresa's Charleston Garden, and unpacked it with no small amount of trepidation, for emblazoned on the box were those three words: Easy To Install.

The box also said that the edging strips were made in the United States from 100% post-consumer recycled materials, so I patted myself on the back for finding a reasonably green product and one not from China, but still, there was the installation looming at the periphery of my consciousness.

The product itself is a 16-foot strip of composite material that looks more or less like wood, but is flexible. It comes rolled up, so you have to stretch it out and let it "relax," according to the instructions. So I let the strips sun themselves on the deck while I dug a trench along the edge of the flowerbed and pressed the stakes as far down in the dirt as they would go. (Sorry that I don't have was raining, which is always good if you need to hammer something in red NC clay.)

Once the strips were sufficiently rested, I slid them into the slots at the top of the stakes, attached the little pounding block that came in the package, and drove them into the dirt with my rubber mallet.

I consulted the instructions again for the next step. There was no next step. That was it. No attaching Flange A to Base 49.6 with the Blue 1/2" pin. It took maybe ten minutes. In the rain. And it looks damn good if I do say so myself.

(Editor's Note: LMAID received no compensation from Fibertech Polymers for this glowing, erudite, and witty product review...But if you guys at Fibertech want to send me several hundred more linear feet of edging for the rest of my garden, I'll make sure that box appears in every photo for the next 6 months. )


Marion in Savannah said...

Oh, how your choice of answers made my husband and me howl! We both went for C, and I'm delighted that we were proved wrong. I may be expanding the bed in the front... hmmmm... I'll have to see if I can get my mitts on some of that. Thanks for a funny and informative post.

Iris said...

You're funny--you kind of had me fooled into thinking this stuff wouldn't be so easy to install. I've had my eye on it at the store for a while and wondered if it could really be that simple. Looks great, and if Timberwolf would also care to sponsor the edging of my 100ft dry creek, they're more than welcome to put up a big sign on my lawn.

Iris said...

I should add to the very good people of Timberwolf that I will also add the package image to the very top of my sidebar, with flashing arrow gifs to highlight it. (I'd make an excellent politician or zoning commissioner, don't you think?)

Also, I just got the longest word verification in the history of Blogger. Wow!

David in Greensboro, NC said...

Glad to be of entertainment value, Marion!

You would make an excellent one, Iris. We could call it "sponsorship" to make it sound more respectable.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of purchasing the TimberWolf Composite edging. Any tips for the final stage of installation that took you ten minutes to figure out?


Anne said...

I came across your blog while looking for reviews for this product. Great blog! I see that you put this edging in last year. How is it holding up? In particular I am wondering if it holds up to a weedwacker, which you may not have had a chance to find out as I see you have it up against the driveway, but you did mention you wanted to put some more around the rest of the garden? Are you still liking it? TIA!

David in Greensboro said...

Hi Anne,

The edging is still holding up nicely. I haven't put any more out, so I can't comment on the weed whacker. Thanks for visiting--check out my new location at

leavemealoneimdigging said...

Hi Anne,

The edging is holding up very well, although I haven't put any more around the rest of the yard. (Been spending my $$ on plants and home repairs!) Check out my new location for this blog below:

Bill said...

Great review. I put in a 16' piece around a tree and it looks good. Problem is I can't bring myself to spend the $200-$250 on it to do the rest of my yard.

Have you seen any similar but lower priced prouducts? Amazon has the Master Mark Terrace board which looks similar but is a LOT less expensive.

Anonymous said...

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electro mavin said...

Saw your plug on Timberwolf. They are out of business, we bought the last of their edging. Would you be kind enough to tell me where you bought your edging, my company is trying to sell it. (800) 421-2442 or

- Thanks, Michael

Anonymous said...

I've used this stuff in the past and I just recently bought the black colored edging. I want to do my part, as it were to help the environment but holy smokes!! I've been back to Lowe's twice to return this product. As I was unrolling it, gently I might add, SNAP!! It broke off. I figured, okay, bad batch. Unrolled the second one: SNAP!! Broke again. The key to these is that you have unroll them and let them sit in the scorching sun for about two days for them to become pliable. I see that they are out of business as well. I totally understand why. Give me the metal edging now.....

Anonymous said...

I too have used this product. It was easy to install, but only looked "OK". Would not use it for a tree ring if you want something perfectly circular. Unfortunately, When I tried to purchase additional Smartstakes, I found I could not locate their web sites. Either for or Phone numbers on the box were not in service. So it appears this company is out of business. Be warned you may not be able to buy more or get extra parts. Too bad, it was a good idea.

Rick H. said...

I just purchased my Timberwolf composite edging from Lowes. They had plenty so I don'tknow where the info that they are out of business came from. Bought May 16,2011. Oh when you unravel the edging be careful if you do bend itit will crack. Otherwise no problems.
Rick in the frozen land of Wisconsin. Yep go Green Bay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

too many projects said...

Just purchased this edging 3 days ago from Lowes -- let it sit out in very hot sun 2 days and hot nights, - got 2 cracks- one very small and one broke off at inside curve (lost about 15"). I installed it today to use between very small river rock and new sod in very curved path - it took some time but as fussy as I am, very happily "hid" it as I wanted- PROBLEM.... did not know I could not order more stakes that company is out of business untill I just spent almost an hour on computer and phone trying to reach someone. Anyway, it is marked down to $16. per package and they are bonus packs of 20' instead of 16'. We bought 3 packs but my husband broke into them to get the stakes out thinking we could order more (very curvy area). So now what do we do - if anyone found stakes that work well, please let me know !!! Also hows it holding up thru winters, etc.? (p.s. my Lowes is in southern New Jersey)