Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Thought You Earned Money at Work

I have a feeling that this new job at the plant label company is going to end up costing me money. Today I was typing in the plant descriptions for a batch of tags and kept finding plants that I needed. I did not know I needed them until that moment, but suddenly these plants are indispensable.

Take Pieris japonica 'Cavatine.' I always think of Pieris as a shade plant, so when I read on the tag that it can take part shade to full sun, my first thought is, "Is this a typo?" So I check two or three trusted resources, and sure enough, they all say that 'Cavatine' will do fine in sun.

Well. My yard is full of sun, so even though I love Pieris, I haven't given it a moment's thought in years. Now I find one that likes sun, and I'll just have to have it, and you know how that goes.

The only question now is, will I earn enough at this job to offset the new plant purchases that it will instigate?

I've only been there two days and I've already started a tab. The owner sent me over to a garden center to investigate a couple of plants, and there was a Nellie Stevens Holly on the half-price table, and, well, one thing led to another and now I have one more plant to put in the ground. Sheesh!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are the only person I know that can have their plant tags before they get their plant. Now does that seem right??? :)

Carolyn gail said...

Hey, David, I entirely understand what you're talking about - I work at a garden center and what I earn goes right into the owner's pocket. That Cavatine Pieris is one of my faves - not only for its neat size but its leaves are gorgeous as well. I planted a whole bunch this past summer in some clients gardens.

Remember, just because a plant will do okay in the shade - it doesn't mean it won't tolerate sun. Some will however need more water if it is in sun. I've got Rhodos planted in full Western sun, for God's sake and they are doing very well.

Mary said...

I save my plant tags in the junk drawer in the kitchen. You never know when you'll need them again :o)

I'd wind up in a deficit, too, Dave. I always wanted to work behind a fancy cosmetic counter but it would require me having an additional part-time job to support my spending :o/

Anonymous said...
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David in Greensboro, NC said...

It's a mad, mad world, Lisa!

Carolyn Gail, if I worked at a garden center I would be broke! Thanks for the feedback on the Pieris--I'm glad to hear that it has done well. Rhododendrons in the afternoon sun? I'm too scared to do that!

How would you like to work at Wild Birds Unlimited, Mary?