Saturday, December 22, 2007


This hawk was perched in a tree watching me work in the garden this afternoon. He was huge! Of course, I didn't have my camera, so I yanked off my muddy boots, ran in the house, crept back out so as not to disturb him, and just as I was putting the long lens on my camera, he glided off across the street into the neighbor's yard.

I don't like to just walk in peoples' backyards without permission, but my neighbors are nice, and I figured this was a special case, so I tracked the hawk over to where he was perched on a wire. He tolerated having his picture taken for a few moments...

Then soared away.

I'm not good at identifying raptors. I'm guessing this might be a juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk, based on his size and the dark wing tips. If you know a lot about hawks, please let me know what this beautiful creature is.


Mary said...

Without my field guide, I can't tell. Hawk still confuse me. It's either a Red Shouldered Hawk, or a Red-Tailed as you guessed. Probably the latter. Aren't they just beautiful? I'm impressed that you got a photo of it leaving its perch. They are so fast!

Katie said...

Birds are teasers. They know you see them, and when you run inside to get your camera, the plot the precise moment to leap into flight as your camera turns on.

Birds. Sheesh.

Iris said...

Hm, hawks are tricky, but I feel pretty good about saying that's a juvenile red-shouldered hawk. Awesome shots! I also like the idea of you running through the neighborhood after this bird.

David in Greensboro, NC said...

I love hawks too, Mary. I feel a sense of awe every time I see one.

I think they do, Katie!

Hi Iris--I was getting ready to email you and ask for your opinion on this one. Thanks!

Karen said...

Well done! You're much faster than I am. A crested egret just landed by my pond and I couldn't find the dashed camera. But I've got it on my desk now, and the egret will be back!

Q said...

Hi David,
Very nice Hawk photo! They are awesome birds. I love watching them too!