Friday, November 2, 2007

Coneflowers for a Dollar

I had been eyeing those Magnus Coneflowers at Lowes for months. The big purple blooms, the ones with the $8.99 price tag. I knew that as soon as Halloween was over, the minds of big box retailers would turn toward Christmas and how much merchandise they could move in celebration of the Prince of Peace...and those coneflowers would be in the way. And they would be marked down. Way down.

Today they are sitting on my deck. Eight of them. Total cost: $8.

No way the stock market could be this much fun!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a coup.

Mary said...

I should head to Lowe's tomorrow. Thanks for the tip.

You did good.

Iris said...

Taking your cue, yesterday Josh and I scored a dozen assorted hyssops, salvia, and rudbeckias for a buck a piece, and a 5-gallon butterfly bush for maybe six bucks. Thanks for the tip!

Connie said...

Your patience really paid off... Nice score on the coneflowers!

Amelia said...

Congratulations on such a buy.