Thursday, August 16, 2007

Stupid Garden Poetry

(With apologies to Emily Dickinson...)

I met this fellow in the grass
Of course we stopped to chat.
His green form against the earth
Was A Study in Contrasts.

"Can I put you on my blog?" I asked,
And awaited his reply.
Upon a Ledge, he hopped and said
You mean In The Garden...Online?

"I never saw a blog," he said,
"I never saw a screen,
But on the Shores of Lake Chicag'
I know they dream May Dreams."

So in your Skinny Garden,
My Sweet Home I will make
If you vow to rhyme no more,
My picture you may take.

So I moved Close Up , got the shot
And placed it on my blog
With photos of Greensboro Birds
And set the literary world agog.

The critics can't stop talking about David's newest collection of garden poetry...Hear what the literati are saying!

...Exactly how long did you spend writing this?
...You aren't writing that on the office computer, are you?
...Can I pay you not to mention my blog in your poetry?
...We spent how much on tuition for that kid?
...Do you need something to do?
"Unique" is one way to describe it.


Iris said...

In the Midwest, one would say, "Oh, that's ... different."

Well done, I say. And cool bug. What is that thing?

harmoniousjosh said...

As a gardener, you're great
And picture taking, too
So I won't critique
Your poem with "boo."

harmoniousjosh said...

Iris just called me a punk.

Carol said...

Well, technically, the grasshopper helped you write part of it...

Very imaginative, but then you have spiders who leave comments on other blogs, so we shouldn't be surprised that you have grasshoppers who help you write poetry!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens (which is no where near Chicago, home of the losing Bears, but very close to where the winning Colts play.)

Mary said...

Bravo. Love it.

David in Greensboro, NC said...

Thanks, Iris. I'll take "different" as a compliment. It's some kind of grasshopper, but I couldn't tell you what kind.

Josh...the accolades keep rolling in! Say...could I use your verse as a dust-jacket blurb on my next book?
A punk???? Hey, good luck to both of you on the house! that explains the spider webs on my keyboard. And it's a well-known fact that grasshoppers are notoriously poor at geography!

Thanks Mary...I'll bet "Mary's View" shows up in a future poem. (You can take that as a threat or a promise (:

Catherine said...

Liked your poem, David..
What a thoughtful way to include links to sites...I was pleasantly surprised that mine was one of them, made my night!! ;)

Gina said...

david - lmao @ "Can I pay you not to mention my blog in your poetry?"

Thanks for the "plug" - very cute.

David in Greensboro, NC said...

Catherine-so I guess that means you won't sue me? Glad you liked it!

Gina--And who says writers can't make $$$

Layanee said...

David: I am honored! And, now I have some new, great links! On the magnolia...nature often surprises doesn't she!