Thursday, August 9, 2007

Read the Previous Post Before You Read This

Sometimes you ask a question and actually get an answer. Immediately after I published my previous post, "Hot Weather Makes Me Ill," I clicked over to Garden Rant and found this article from the Washington Post. I couldn't help but be aware of the word "ill" in a very different context. This was a coincidence...right???


Carol said...

Is there such a thing as a coincidence?

Wrenna said...

Thanks for the reminder of why we garden. Sometimes in the dog days of summer its easy to forget.

Layanee said...

Like everything else in life, 'ill' is a relative term!

David in Greensboro NC said...

I read a quote a while back, Carol, to the effect of "What we call coincidence may be the logic of God."

I need to print that article, Wrenna, and tape it to my mirror.

As is the word "problems," Layanee.

Thanks for visiting, everyone. It's RAINING outside!!!