Friday, June 15, 2007

Daylilies--Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

I often take my daylilies for granted. They are so easy to grow, and so reliable, that I sometimes look directly at them without really taking in their amazing colors. As is often the case, it takes the camera's eye to reveal the beauty that I pass by every day.
This serene, soft peach dayliliy may be my favorite.

The colors of this one remind me of a seashell.

This is just unusual enough to be interesting. All of my daylilies are passalong plants, and weren't blooming when I set them out, so each clump has been a surprise as to its color.

If you happen to know the names of any of these daylilies, please let me know.

"Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day," by the way, is something Carol started over at May Dreams Gardens. You post whatever's blooming in your garden on the 15th (or thereabouts--she's not picky). It's a fun way to see what other gardeners have blooming month by month.


Carol said...

I like the daylily close up. I read once that there are tens of thousands of registered, named daylilies so I'm not sure you'll ever learn what varities these are. So I'd make up my own names for them.

Thanks for participating in Garden Bloggers Bloom Day for the 1st time, and I hope you'll join us next month, too.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

What a nice contribution to garden bloggers blooms day and it's your first one too I see. Love those Daylilies of yours, very pretty.

If you're interested my blooms are up too and on my blog you can find the link to Gotta Garden who has about a zillion Daylilies and knows a lot about them. Perhaps she can help you with the names.

jocelyn said...

Beautiful daylilies, and your photos are stunning. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I love lilies! Even the orange ones you see along the roads because I don’t mind cutting these whereas I hate cutting the ones in my garden to bring into the house. Just my quirk I guess. Anyhow when I see these clumps along the road that belong to no one I cut them because they make the most interesting floral arrangement. I like to use a clear vase so the stems show and the vase doesn’t take anything away from focus on the flowers then each day they present me with a new and lovely nature made arrangement.

Two years ago I planted 30 assorted Day Lilies that were all blue ribbon winners and called the Master’s Series in the garden book. Imagine my upset when last year all the greenery came up but only three tiny buds on three lonely stems gave me three single flowers. This year is an entirely different story. Every day is a thrill to go to the garden and wonder at the glorious colors of the huge blooms! I didn’t know I would have to wait two years for them but it surely was worth the wait.

Now I am waiting for my Dahlias to make their appearance after the lilies and make me happy to sit in my garden thru summer and fall. Brenda Bowers

LCShores said...

Gorgeous! I've been fighting a battle against the daylilies in my garden, but only because they took over half of it under the previous owner. All the different colors you have make me think I might even have to look for some passalongs to liven up my currently all-orange daylily bed.