Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Baby Bluebird Hatched Today!!!

We have a baby bluebird! He or she hatched sometime today. We started with three eggs, which the mother attended to for two weeks, then yesterday one disappeared. This morning, of the two remaining eggs, one was open, but the baby inside wasn't moving. When I came home this afternoon, there was one tiny baby, very much alive, squirming and stretching his little muscles.

It is miraculous to me that something this frail, tiny, and helpless can survive. I know that many don't; Nature has little regard for individual lives, and I realize that the odds are against this little one, but still, I don't see how any creature that starts out like this can live, but obviously many do. Proof, I suppose, that God knows what She is doing.

He needs about three weeks to grow up. It's going to be tough. There are all sorts of predators (and if a House Sparrow kills him I'm declaring jihad on them!) but here's hoping he makes it. Good Luck little one!

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Iris said...

That is really, really fantastic! I've come to find baby birds oddly cute, even though they look like little aliens. Congratulations!