Saturday, June 30, 2007

Baby Bluebird: Day 4

Our new bluebird has made it to Day 4. He didn't seem too energetic when I checked this morning, but was stretching his wings a bit. His eyes are still closed, and he's still more skin than down. According to my bluebird book, about Day 4 or 5, the beginnings of real feathers will appear under the skin.

Being the only baby in the nest, he doesn't have to compete with siblings for food, so I hope that will give him an advantage in growing strong. (You know, we all want our babies to get into the right preschool, or their lives will forever be substandard...) The parents are very attentive: I see them in and out of the box all day. Mom and Dad still don't like me messing around in the box; they perch on the corner of the house and watch as I take photos, then when I'm finished, Dad goes and checks it out before Mom goes back in. Usually the male makes a big show of spreading his wings to intimidate me, but he didn't seem quite so freaked out today. Maybe he's learning to tolerate my curiosity about his baby; in return, I limit my visits to no more than two quick looks per day.

The Day 1 photo is still the best--I don't keep the box open longer than I have to, so I don't always get the best pose, but here (s)he is on Day 4.

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