Monday, April 16, 2007

Fence Bites the Dirt

Saturated ground and 60 mph winds are a bad combination. I came home from work to find two sections of our fence flat on the ground, and realized with dismay that a hydrangea, red-twig dogwood, and arborvitae were crushed underneath.

Still dressed in my argyle sweater and khakis (and by the way, where would an ESL student from El Salvador learn the word "preppy?") I seized my hammer and set about dismantling the fence to liberate the trapped plants.

They all seemed to suffer only minor damage, so I pruned off the broken limbs and am now seeking recommendations for fence builders. I know, replacing a fence section isn't too hard, but I have only two tools in my home repair arsenal: a hammer and a MasterCard. If I can't fix a problem with one, I fix it with the other. Life's just too short.

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