Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Freeze

April borrows three days from March, and all of them are ill.
folk saying--

Well, this year, April borrowed three days from January. There's a reason they publish those charts that tell you when the latest frost date for your area is. For Greensboro, I've always heard April 15, which is easy to remember because it's also the day that we at Wild Birds Unlimited tell our customers to start putting out their hummingbird feeders.

Anyway, LOTS of cold damage to my plants, but curiously, almost all of it was confined to one border. Temps hit a cool 28 Friday and Saturday nights.

(Speaking of "cool," my blog would be much cooler if I had a catchy name for each of my beds and borders, because "the border next to Dusty's yard" means nothing to you if you haven't been to my house. When it comes to naming things in the yard, you can't beat the idea that our minister had. He named his shed "Raleigh," so that when someone calls on his day off, his wife can tell them, "I'm sorry, he's in Raleigh for the day.")

Anyway, my yard slopes down from north to south. The south border is, I don't know, maybe 8 feet lower than the north. Wonder if the cold air pools down there against the fence and makes it colder than what my thermometer (on the other side of the yard) says??? I had the idea of getting a second sensor for my thermometer and building a housing for it down at "plant level" and comparing the temperatures on cold nights. Teresa said that if I didn't have anything better to do, then she would be happy to make a list, so I've let the matter drop for now.

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