Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I thought Gerbera Daisies were annuals. (Although I consulted The Carolinas Gardener's Guide and learned that " near the coast and occasionally further inland, Gerberas act as perennials...") These have made it through a second winter in Greensboro, after having been moved from my grandfather's house in SC. I had them in the front bed, but last year the asters got so big that they swallowed up the Gerberas, so today I transplanted them to another bed where they can enjoy plenty of room.

Dahlias also can return in "mild winter areas," according to the Burpee Complete Gardener. I don't consider this area particularly mild, but I have a dahlia that must think so. Last year its petals got eaten by squirrels and its leaves shaded out by the dogwood, so I think I'll move it to the back as well, where it can get plenty of sun and Andy can defend it from the wildlife.

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