Thursday, March 1, 2007

Rounding the Corner into Spring

Today is the first day of March, so I can officially start thinking about spring. Things are emerging from the ground every day now; I went outside on Monday and discovered that tulips and hyacinths had sprouted overnight. The spirea are getting tiny light green leaves, and my forst daffodil bloomed sometime while I was at work yesterday.

This spring I have good intentions of keeping up with what is blooming when, to see if I have big chunks of time with no flowers, and thus an excuse to go buy some more. My hellebores have been nice all through January and February, and mixed in with the arums, give me some green to look out my window at.

I set out a hardy gardenia, which has promptly gotten brown in too many places. I don't know if it's just cold damaged leaves, stress from being planted in February, or what. I cut it back--my all purpose solution when a plant looks like it's on its deathbed, so we'll see.

Went to SC, where daffodils are in full bloom already, and brought back some cuttings from Papa's rose bush around the pool, as well as some cuttings from a camellia with red & white striped blooms. I've never had much luck rooting camellias, but it costs nothing to try.

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